Friday, 12 August 2011

Gherkin Martini. Seriously?

Before you all go wtf is that in there?! Its a Gherkin. 

I get a tad delirious from a full week in front of a PC by Friday afternoons and weird ideas/jokes that aren't even funny come out of my head. I've even revamped the recipe below just for kicks and whilst this is being typed I wonder if a few drops of soy sauce would go well with the original recipe...


Its Friday arvo and my mind is reeling from trading shares and managed funds all morning and deciphering hieroglyphics all arvo....

And the Dirty Martini pops into mind, asking if it can pop around a bit earlier today...

*daydreamer* o.O 

The www is the closest I ever get to many of the things I want (which is an endless list of amazingness), so here I share a recipe from 

Dirty Martini Ingredients

60ml (or approx 2 oz) Gin
10ml (or approx 1/4 oz) Dry Vermouth
5ml (or approx 1/8 oz) olive brine REPLACE with Gherkin Pickle
3 green olives (add or remove olives to your taste)
small wedge of lemon (optional)

Dirty Martini Directions
Into a cocktail shaker, pour the Gin, Dry Vermouth and olive brine Gherkin Pickle.
Add ice.
Shake well.
Rub the rim of the martini glass with the wedge of lemon.
Strain and pour contents of cocktail shaker into a martini glass.
Drop the olives into the martini before serving.


Quickie do secret? get a lace front!


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