Friday, 24 June 2011

All I can do is dream of Paris

My mind is blocked with black numbers and words on white paper and I NEED TO ESCAPE before my brain dies *_*

....the first place my keyboard took me to was Google, and after a split second transit I am shot off to PARIS!!!!!

And I found a nice luxury apartment too at Rue des Grands Degr├Ęs, with views of Qui de Montebello, the Seine and Notre Dame..floor to ceiling windows, one bedroom, 2 baths....why are there 2 baths when theres only one bedroom o_O?

The price is a nice number too...$3,825 for one week, I didn't even bother finding out if it was EUR or not.

The other pics for more daydreaming can be found at Just France in Paris

I wonder if it looks as nice in winter....

this reminds me of a spot in Melbourne...

...and this one reminds me of Amelie...

everything just seems to be so naturally romantic in Paris!

Sunflower op shop on Goodwood Road

Found the cutest op shop during one of our morning walks in the surrounding suburbs. Its a teeny weeny little shop but it has LOADS of GOOD STUFF!

I came home with three items (trying to keep each shopping outcome to less than 2 items due to wardrobe space issues, to be blogged about another time...): an Events long black suit jacket, a black and white polka dot puffy skirt, and the best of them all - a colorful stripey retro skivvy!

Tres RETRO ^_^

Now I want DARK DENIM BELL BOTTOMS to go with this!

 Show your support for recycling and please don't throw out your pre-loved items into the trash. Give them away, sell them on ebay etc.

I've been good today, donated 1 large box of old summer clothes and one box of gorgeous size 7.5 shoes to Sunflower Op Shop <3 <3 <3

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Review: GEO Princess Mimi Bambi circle lens

Firstly, I need to explain why my reviews on skin care products and the (my) basic makeup products like foundations/eyeliners are not SMACK BANG when the product is recently released or straight after I buy it:

I HATE reading GREAT REVIEWS only to find out HOW SHIT the PRODUCT is after LONG TERM USE. HATE HATE HATE!!!

Plain and simple, don't like wasting my money and time (I'm paid money for my time at money is time too..) on some juvenile making a spanktastic review on a product he/she has only used 'ONCE' and its great/shit, or "this is the first time I'm using it and its great/shit', or 'I've used this for one week now (face cream/wash)', or 'I've used this a few/couple of times'....give me a break. Some products need a little more time to show their 'true value'!

And also being a blind cat who NEEDS to wear contact lenses ALL THE TIME, I want to know if a certain type of lens is comfortable or not if I decide to wear it everyday.

SO...back to the studio ~

The GEO Princess MIMI Bambi in Apple Green arrived 2 weeks ago and I've worn it at home all day once, went out to lunch and shopping and lots of walking around after just to show them off/test them out.

I really like the effect/design - I think they are very VERY striking esp in good lighting, with fantastic blending of color to give you mesmerising eyes, but sadly, despite all the hype about them and how much I adore Tsubasa I have to confess they are way below some of the other ones I've used in terms of

~and one small point also, they would be great in a slightly larger size for me, as my irises are not that small to start with.

I wouldnt wear this out to dinner at night or to a lounge bar/nightclub/karaoke (the visibility is actually VERY bad in dim lighting due to the smaller pupil size and heavy pigmentation) but it is great for outdoors and daytime.

They didnt feel very comfortable maybe because of the visibility, I blinked like a dying fluorescent tube non-stop towards the end of the day and in romantic lighting lmao *_*

But at the end of the day, they do what they're meant to - GRAB ATTENTION and they did!

So its up to your priorities and what you're willing to sacrifice with this one ~_^ !


Stunning design, even up close its nice! OMG just noticed my gross eyebrow... x_O

...NO FLASH, window lighting...

...NO FLASH, natural window lighting...

 The color really shows with flash and brighter light but even without that the lens looks great due to its beautiful design and pigmentation.

Lenses from Eyecandy Lens because they had it on sale!

Yes to more inspiration in daily Adelaide life!

InDaily : June 21st 2011, Page 1 Where do we start??

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Can't stop thinking about food today....

Last night I had the weirdest dream (well, one of the weirdest ) which I remember vaguely ~ I was on a mission impossible type of mission, and in the end I had to make this BOMB to destroy the enemy's fort and leader (sounds like an anti-terrorism dream, no?!), and my boss gave me the bag which included the bomb ingredients to get started. I opened the bag and in there was box, I took it out and it was a LEMON BUTTER CAKE MIX x_O !!!

So I woke up at like 4.30am and started baking like no tomorrow ~

Hand written recipe for Pandan cake TO BE MODIFIED

GORGEOUS looks like lemon face mask ^_^

now, we clean up (boring...)

I couldnt help but open up the oven door and took and quick snap!

upside down so it doesnt go flat

Fluffy Lemon Vanilla Heaven.....

Want a slice with whipped cream??? ~_^

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Dolly T from Valleygirl ^__^

Could not believe my eyes when I saw this cute az little T in Valleygirl, Rundle Mall! under $20 too so no headache to wear when eating Laksa ~_^b

Baby Blue, Polka Dots, Little Bows ~ KAWAII!!!

Also testing out my new tripod so here are a few pics ~

(didn't know how to pose w gloves so ended up doing peace sign in all the pics -_-)

taken with iPhone iDarkroom app ^_^

top: Valleygirl $15.00
gloves: Forever New $9.00
pearls: Stall in Firle shopping centre $9.00

Friday, 17 June 2011

Food an Adelaidian/Malaysian girl is craving right now....

This is really really totally off the main topic of my blog but I'm really craving these foods right now and please please forgive me for straying this once? 

Only experienced tastebuds can understand these pics ~

stir fried silk melon with fresh garlic & egg...

precious bird's nest with rock sugar

fresh sotong and yummy yummy pomfret fish

bitter melon...

malay kuih (cake) this I want right now!!!


But can't get now T-T

I'll have to wait till September...

Handbag Cam

Finally getting a handbag digital compact to lug around and take cool pics rather than jsut indoors only.

As much as I love my Olympus PEN EPL1 and its more compact than DSLR body, I still can't just 'slip' it into my handbag or tote or evening purse or pocket and hence miss out on alot of cool moments out there (I'm rarely indoors if not working, even some posts are done at cafe's/parkbench/car porch - looking like a lost homeless tourist girl with a white ASUS Shell trying to get last minute cheapskate accomodation on the web 0_o when in truth I'm just trying to get faster wireless modem speed fml)

At lunch break I'm gonna head to Harvey Normans mid year sale and grab myself the Samsung ST600 at a bargain $169.
Too bad they only have it in black and not pink &_&  ... ...

Then again my first compact cam was pink and I hated it O_x

Watch out for me out and about!!!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

I want my home to look like a green green forest!!!!!!!!!!!

This little LOCO piggy went bunta at the nursery and her home is becoming TROPICANA!


ferns and low sunlight plants, not sure where to put them yet...

sanseveria and frangipani


magic bean plant

my favourite Pteris fern and golden cane palm in the back

outside garden, with my solar lamps that I got from Browse in and Save..

my bamboo (can't tell you where I pulled it our from ^__^

herbs and chillies!!!

wtf I forgot to rotate this one of my Kentia Palm.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Review: SANA Pore Vacuumer Hot Cleansing Gel

ok, I'm really really glad I waited to do this review, cos when I first tried out this product it didn't seem to do much, other than feel nice and warm when I wash my face (its winter here *brrrrrr*). But after 4 weeks, washing my face with it 2-3 times a week, a difference is noted; esp yesterday when I manually cleaned the pores on one side of my nose (and got half a Rudolph reindeer nose) before applying a layer of SANA pore vacuumer and leaving it one for 5 minutes, then a quick massage in small outward circles and rinse with warm water. I then tried to manually clean out the pores on the other side of my nose and !!!! there was less than half the sebum that came out of the other side!

Err, am I making this confusing?

I mean to say that this thing actually works but you just have to use it 2-3 times a week for a few weeks. Even better if you combine with a pore pack treatment once a week.

Make sure you tone and moisturise after or your skin might dry out and get flaky if you live in drier climates!


Use on dry skin, apply all over face avoiding eyes and leave on for 5 mins, then massage and rinse off with warm or tepid water...
...the gel is actually clear with tiny brown particles that warm and scrub.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Depressing but great movies on DVD...

We went to Video Ezy to grab some flicks for the long weekend as we decided to really relax and do nothing but walk, eat and watch movies.

I ended up picking Jackie Chan's Shinjuku Incident, Steven Spielberg's Artificial Intelligence (I saw this almost ten years ago I think) and Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs.

Haven't seen the last one yet but GEEZ are they depressing movies or not??!! But they're so good I just have to watch them right through!!!

And to make matters worse, Will Smith's 7 Pounds is on TV now...

Anyways, nothing beats a good flick that gives you a sniffle here and there.

Botika in Adelaide

One of my favourite boutiques in Adelaide is Botika, at 234 Rundle Street. If you own anything from this gorgeous little shop, you're more than likely the one and only unique girl as their designs are one-off pieces, up to date, and the price is as good as the quality. Now, that's what a gal wants!

They don't have a website but if you search under Botika Clothes Adelaide you will find lots of fab reviews ^_^

Here are some pics of my favourite casual piece from botika ~

...See my pretty red BROMELIADE in the background? Its not too happy with the heater but I hope it lasts to summer!...

I'm a HOODIE girl. Even my bathrobe has a HOODIE.

...forgot to tidy up the table before taking pics so forgetful lately *_*

lace or zip up leather combat boots from Joanne Mercer to TOUGHEN UP all the pink petals...

...i LOOOOVE a tasteful and good quality floral print, they are SO hard to come by...

...aaaand I couldn't help posting this pic of my GEO extra Forest lenses again ^__^


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