Sunday, 19 June 2011

Can't stop thinking about food today....

Last night I had the weirdest dream (well, one of the weirdest ) which I remember vaguely ~ I was on a mission impossible type of mission, and in the end I had to make this BOMB to destroy the enemy's fort and leader (sounds like an anti-terrorism dream, no?!), and my boss gave me the bag which included the bomb ingredients to get started. I opened the bag and in there was box, I took it out and it was a LEMON BUTTER CAKE MIX x_O !!!

So I woke up at like 4.30am and started baking like no tomorrow ~

Hand written recipe for Pandan cake TO BE MODIFIED

GORGEOUS looks like lemon face mask ^_^

now, we clean up (boring...)

I couldnt help but open up the oven door and took and quick snap!

upside down so it doesnt go flat

Fluffy Lemon Vanilla Heaven.....

Want a slice with whipped cream??? ~_^


AJun said...

Yes please..

Luci Latte said...

Next time you're down from Darwin let us know and there'll be one ready for you!!!!


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