Thursday, 22 September 2011

Eyebrow Embroidery

It's amazing what your eyebrows can do for your face, when shaped correctly. Nothing's more refreshing than beautiful natural looking eyebrows that enhance your features and also take years off your face!

You can only give someone 'that' look if your brows are in good shape!

Now that I'm back in Malaysia, a visit to the best eyebrow beautician is a must. Being one of those Asian girls with one short eyebrow (yes, yuck.) some 'human touch' is required to create balance. Semi permanent makeup is WAY too harsh looking: Eye brow tattoo is literally a tattoo. They use needles and colour to inject colour into your skin. The drawback is the colour will change (usually turns green or blue) after some time. It is permanent. To remove, you need to get a skin doc to laser the skin. Eyebrow embroidery is almost the same. Just that the colour is only injected onto the top layer of the skin, so that it won't change colour. It lasts for two years ~ ~ It doesn't hurt too much, a bit like a scratch (lots of them actually) and it stings for a little while after. But totally worth it.

I personally know 2 people who have done it and it looks amazingly natural, especially after time, because the pigment fades to a natural hue. I've had mine done back in 2008 and have never looked back. I've had comments on how nice my brows look and no one seems to have picked that they are not 'real' until they look REALLY REALLY close up (or if I spill the beans)...

Go on....have a look at all my past pics! ^_^b

First, one must find the perfect eyebrow shape before you commit to a semi permanent procedure. Discuss this with your beautician and take your time to decide on the shape that you are comfortable with. A good, professional beautician will NEVER be impatient.

Another thing to note: I was told today not too use a brown color, as it will turn red in time (don't want to look like an Orang Utan right?!) always make sure that they mix brown and black together for a natural hue.

I've been back to Von's for 2 touch ups as of today over the last 4 years and am really happy with my little 'wing' like eyebrows ^_^b  not to mention how nice the day spa is inside! Beautiful decor and non-corny light music. Perfect for an afternoon pamper session!

Von Beauty Therapy & Slimming Centre
46 Jalan Setia Jaya Utama
Taman Setia Jaya
83000 Batu Pahat, Johor.
ph: 07 435 2088

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Review: Samsung ST600 VainCam

If you are like me whereby there is NEVER anyone around when you need your pic taken (which, in a blogger's case is all the time), you'll love the Samsung ST600 which comes with a front screen to help with those ever so tricky self portraits and social happy snaps when you're out and about. This design is also slim and the touch screen is massive, the clarity on the screen for reviewing your work is also clear and sharp. On top of all that, there's all these modes you can use to change the tone and feel of your snaps. Would be good if they had a Digi SLR camera which downloads apps though!

All in all, great little VainCam for the handbag.

see through

This is quite an old pic I found in one of my folders. Last summer's wardrobe was definitely full of gorgeous crochet tops and tunics. Even through winter many a black crocheted top was draped over muted pinks and khaki slips on top of vacuum sealed black opaque tights. I can't wait for the weather to get warmer so I can start getting creative with crochet and knits in summer!

Valleygirl knit top/JayJay's greygreen slip/Razamatazz fleece lined opaque tights/Diva wooden bead necklace

Saturday, 10 September 2011


Friday Noodle Kingdom dinner with my fav dancing queens!

Friday, 9 September 2011


What started out as my little Gyaru blog has now evolved into more of a 'this is what I like right now and it tickles my fancy' blog, gyaru or not, Japanese kawaii trends or not, food or fashion, places or people or just rantings and opinions!

However, my friends have asked me where are all these Flamenco pictures if you have been dancing for 7 years? The main reason I don't really post about my deepest passion is because, well, I don't feel good enough for it right now, I never have actually. 

I have always loved it with intense passion but always, I feel unworthy of it especially after what happened to my health last year. I don't practice enough. I haven't been to Espana to get some duende into my soul. I haven't picked up the language. I don't know all the palos well enough. *SIGH* but thats why I love it! Its just...... inexhaustible! 

The only place I dare talk about my love is on my old personal invite only blog. But I think it will all change now. 

All this will change when I return from Malaysia in 2 weeks time. I will sign up for a Spanish language course at the WEA in the evenings. And continue to attend my dance classes twice a week; I will expand the dance floor in my home so I can actually practice more often.

Actually, I found out that there are more Flamenco Academy's in Japan than there are in Spain! Here's a taste if you've never seen it before!

The older you get the better a Flamenco dancer you become.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Not nice

Lien Heng supermart has saved me thousands of dollars over the years by providing fresh, affordable greens and all my favourite Asian vegetables and herbs. Its the only place I can get fresh Pandan leaves and banana leaves. Choi sum and bok choi is 80c a bunch, Daikon is $3 a kilo, eggplants and red capsicums are so cheap, cucumbers are of the sweet crisp Korean variety at $5 for massive bag of them - you can have your daily 5 serves of leafy greens for less than 5 bucks a day. And now, the Adelaide City Council wants to close them down because of safety and congestion issues, and have spent approx. $300,000 of taxpayer money on legal fees.

All info above is sourced from Adelaide Now

Hello, it's in the markets, anyone who's seen or been in a real Market knows that there is ALWAYS traffic congestion in a Market, that's why we have supermarkets for the precious precious ppl who can't handle living in a community and who are dumb enough to get injured whilst shopping in the markets (so they are happy to pay inflated prices for wilted greens but still venture to the markets because recently TV says its cool to go to the markets for fresh exotic ingredients, then they get hurt and complain and put small businesses out because of their own clumsiness).

Before you know it the ACC will be looking at the congestion at Lucia's in the markets, or maybe they won't because of various political reasons?

I say learn how to survive yourself in a real market:


  • watch your massive shopping trolleys and ensure that both you and your trolley dont take up a whole aisle at the same time
  • try not to use a pram during peak market hours on Fridays and Saturdays, get a Baby Bjorn carrier, or even better get your 4 or 5 year old to use his/her legs that were meant for walking anyway.
  • if you are going to have a chit-chat, move to the side or better still meet up at one of the many lovely cafes for a beverage and a chat.


  • stand in the middle of an aisle with your trolley outstretched to block the passage of others
  • walk 3 or 4 abreast taking up a whole aisle.
  • complain when you have to line up to pay for your goodies, we really don't want the market to become a commercial supermarket with multiple checkout stations.

And if all of the above is just too hard for you, go on Wednesdays - you get 2 hours free parking if you spend over $10 in the market, the seafood is fresher, the market is less busy and you can take up a full aisle with whatever you've brought with you sans the irritated glares from others! Why fight with the masses on Friday and Saturday?

Cucumber hues

The Hipstamatic app on my iPhone has taken over my Olympus PEN and Samsung... I just love having an all in one and if ever I lose my little iPhone, I can tell you my life will be Empty - its my Other Brain (which actually works). I'm sorry I've been heaps lazy and the sharpness of my pics are just non-existent lately, but I just LOVE the artistic abilities of the phone apps right now! Promise I'll get out my Olympus again v.soon xxx

 ~ragged shaggy black scarf from the Adelaide Central Markets.

La Trattoria

A very classy italian trattoria. The bruschetta was so good I didn't even think to photo it until it was ALL GONE. They are famed to have the best pizza maker in the world, Andy Parisis. The service provided was world class and the pizza - yes it was scrumptious!!!

 ~Supre crocheted top layered over a pale olive green slip dress and Voodoo opaque tights, strappy platform heels.

Sunday, 4 September 2011


Its such a delight to wake up and smell the intoxicating scent of Jasmine in the morning. Spring has awoken the gardener in my heart, and given us a little bird nest and family in the Jasmine bush, my little courtyard looks a treat and hopefully the little birds will like it when they hatch!

~Buddha statue and white stone Elephant from Prime Liquidators Adelaide (for less than $60 in total!)

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Shibuya Cam app

A really cute app, not as artistic as iDarkroom but, just cute. Had lots of fun sprinkling sparkles all over the place ^_^ That's all for now peeps! I've got Flamenco class to go to!

Friday, 2 September 2011

First Friday

Spring is here. Couldn't resist walking to Rundle Mall during my break and just managed to capture the sun in B&W.


is the heart of this lazy blogger - I am adamant that it is ok to revamp my page Whenever I Feel Like It.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Cow cow boogie

I love spring, you can get away with wearing anything you wish as the weather transits. Smart jackets pretty dress, boots, tights, bare legs you dare you do!

Just jeans leather crop jacket.

On hold

I was put on hold fr so long by MLC that I had time to take 2 pics...


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