Friday, 21 September 2012

My dream hair

Que Sera have straight hair you want curly hair; you have curly hair you want straight hair. WELL I have straight hair which I lost due to sickness a while ago and now its all grown back! I must also point out, Pete cut my hair when it was only 1.5 inches long, that was almost a year ago, and I have not cut it since, but the cut was so perfectly done that the style grew out beautifully! How's that for a great hairdresser?!! He's been doing all the colourwork too, and I swear, no split ends as yet!

And so with a skip and a hop I got my self down to O'Kim's on Grote street and got myself a long awaited for Digital Perm.

The whole process took about 3 hours plus because I am blessed with lots of thick hair. I was priviledged to have Yona serve me and she was a superstar! Cute as ever and amazing at what she does!!

The digital machine was a tad scary, it looked like an alien, but I did not feel any heat or pain, just my hair being suspended mid air O_O

When the rollers came out my hair was like little Bo-Peep, and I got a bit worried and said...warr, so curly! Yona laughed and convinced me that this is not the end yet, I wouldnt let you walk out like this! So another shampoo and condition later, it settled down into loose twirling ringlets!

After the blowdry, I could either style it natural and wavy (very Boho! ^_^) or twirl into 4 separate sections for a more girly gyaru style (and less boofie - I have heaps of hair...)

I walked out of the salon with the BIGGEST smile ever...I've dreamt of hair exactly like this all my life, and now, everyday I wake up, this is it! No brushing required no combing just a smile on my face ^_^b

Thank you O'Kim!

PS: Hair style, cut and colour work by Peter Tzar (my man!)

suck my brains out... 2...

...week 2... tea now, Sauv Blanc later...

..and a back view, just for you...

Monday, 3 September 2012

No Time for my Fringe Today

I found my old old hair comb from when I was 14 best friend then - Anita - had the same one too! Perfect find because I could not be bothered having a fringe today!

Somehow, fringeless = more 'seng mouk'...

...on a tangent, here are my fav socks!!! Happy Socks!!

Bento Frenzy

Since visiting the new Kawaii shop on Gouger (once too many times), I've been obsessed with creating healthy pretty lunches for Pete & myself...the only problem is that I am now spending more time in the kitchen than in the studio doing my design projects >_< .... I am not going to get the Distinctions I was aiming for anymore T_T !!!

Anyhow, I'm sure this 'procrastination obession' will wear off, unless my complexion improves from all these fresh fruit and veg! Kind on our budget too (when I stop buying bento tools.....!)

Now the brag pics ^_^ ~

...Granny Smith Bunnies and Strawberry Love <3 ...="..." td="td">

...this was Bouba's dinner...he was halfway through the Broc...the large savoy sausages did not work out T_T...

...^_^ very pleased with how the Octopus Sausage turned out!



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