Friday, 21 September 2012

My dream hair

Que Sera have straight hair you want curly hair; you have curly hair you want straight hair. WELL I have straight hair which I lost due to sickness a while ago and now its all grown back! I must also point out, Pete cut my hair when it was only 1.5 inches long, that was almost a year ago, and I have not cut it since, but the cut was so perfectly done that the style grew out beautifully! How's that for a great hairdresser?!! He's been doing all the colourwork too, and I swear, no split ends as yet!

And so with a skip and a hop I got my self down to O'Kim's on Grote street and got myself a long awaited for Digital Perm.

The whole process took about 3 hours plus because I am blessed with lots of thick hair. I was priviledged to have Yona serve me and she was a superstar! Cute as ever and amazing at what she does!!

The digital machine was a tad scary, it looked like an alien, but I did not feel any heat or pain, just my hair being suspended mid air O_O

When the rollers came out my hair was like little Bo-Peep, and I got a bit worried and said...warr, so curly! Yona laughed and convinced me that this is not the end yet, I wouldnt let you walk out like this! So another shampoo and condition later, it settled down into loose twirling ringlets!

After the blowdry, I could either style it natural and wavy (very Boho! ^_^) or twirl into 4 separate sections for a more girly gyaru style (and less boofie - I have heaps of hair...)

I walked out of the salon with the BIGGEST smile ever...I've dreamt of hair exactly like this all my life, and now, everyday I wake up, this is it! No brushing required no combing just a smile on my face ^_^b

Thank you O'Kim!

PS: Hair style, cut and colour work by Peter Tzar (my man!)

suck my brains out... 2...

...week 2... tea now, Sauv Blanc later...

..and a back view, just for you...

Monday, 3 September 2012

No Time for my Fringe Today

I found my old old hair comb from when I was 14 best friend then - Anita - had the same one too! Perfect find because I could not be bothered having a fringe today!

Somehow, fringeless = more 'seng mouk'...

...on a tangent, here are my fav socks!!! Happy Socks!!

Bento Frenzy

Since visiting the new Kawaii shop on Gouger (once too many times), I've been obsessed with creating healthy pretty lunches for Pete & myself...the only problem is that I am now spending more time in the kitchen than in the studio doing my design projects >_< .... I am not going to get the Distinctions I was aiming for anymore T_T !!!

Anyhow, I'm sure this 'procrastination obession' will wear off, unless my complexion improves from all these fresh fruit and veg! Kind on our budget too (when I stop buying bento tools.....!)

Now the brag pics ^_^ ~

...Granny Smith Bunnies and Strawberry Love <3 ...="..." td="td">

...this was Bouba's dinner...he was halfway through the Broc...the large savoy sausages did not work out T_T...

...^_^ very pleased with how the Octopus Sausage turned out!


Wednesday, 29 August 2012

yummy mini burger - Breadtop

I was wondering around the Central Markets the other day (as I do) and popped into Breadtop to check out their Japanese Cheesecake, but what I ended up getting was this cute little burger (well, a few of them).....SO DELICIOUS!

Review - Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector (and a quick rant)

Its been a while, no? I’ve been busy trying to reassess my life and what makes me happy and I found that I just want to LIVE. Now, until you've lost something really important and special in your life, you don't really realise whether you're really living or not...... I’ve made some major decisions and really hope that they’ll come smooth sailing when the time’s due next year. There’ll be some major adjustments to my finances but hey, they say when you’re happy you don’t miss the moolah that much! I hope its true! Cos really, earning all that money only made me less satisfied because I felt like I was wasting my life away doing a job so meaningless, it not only made me sick but also put me in a box and WORST of all, diminish any sort of creativity at all. The only thing this particular job wanted to create was money. Zilch else. It made this big big world seem so so small for a while.

But now, not only have I found the window, I’ve also opened the door and put one foot out! So scared but so excited T_T!!!!!

Of course. I CANNOT tell you what I’ve done….no not yet…..I might jeopardise it depending on who reads this…..


So now I’m going to do a quick review on the BB cream by Garnier – the Miracle Skin Perfecter.

I neglected to review a BB cream I tried out previously. I researched so much into it and had so much faith in it. But it totally disappointed my face after regular use. Destroyed my skin. It was the Oriental BB cream by Skin79. Yes it did have a good review on A Little Bit of Eki, but no, it didn’t work for me after repeated daily use. The fist week was good, my skin looked amazing. But by the start of week 3, eventhough I follow a gentle but very strict cleansing, toning and moisturising regime, my face was getting sore dry patches, spots and clogged pores were appearing literally everywhere – I was so scared that it will be like this forever! Despite my faith in Korean BB cream from reading all those reviews, I simply had to give up or live with destroyed skin FOREVER. So I stopped. I still have the bottle but I dare not use it anymore.

Garnier has never disappointed in my trials and when I saw this at Chemist King, I wept with joy. Finally, a BB cream by a brand that is trusted worldwide by all different nationalities. Other than its moisturising properties, Vitamin C, mineral pigments and SPF 15 are also on the ingredient list, which is perfect for the weather here. I use some higher SPF on top too if I’m on my bike. I also use my usual moisturiser underneath as I work in air-conditioning 8 hours a day (want great skin – don’t use aircon).

Anyhow, the application result is natural, as it blends to your skin tone, the coverage is quite light but can be layered if desired. Its non-greasy but moisturising (so no dry skin patches later on), and it feels much healthier than traditional BB creams (my face always felt weird when using the Oriental BB cream, really taut and dry, must be all those chemicals). It doesn't even clog my pores AT ALL like the other one did.

I know this product is not organic, but it feels much much nicer and safer than the previous BB cream I tried. I use this everyday now and my skin is recovering and happy again.

It may or may not work for you like the Skin79 product did with me, so give it a try and see how you go. I’m pretty sure you wont get too bad a result though. Let me know!

Mascara many does one have to try??!

Being one of the less blessed, I have sparse lashes.

On top of that, I find that most mascaras, no matter what brand, tend to smudge on my lower lid, even when the label promises wonderful 16-hour days of smudge proof eye batting sessions.
So, after years (and I mean, years) and many ducats later, I have identified 3 of the most trustworthy mascaras a girl can count on:


1 - L'oreal Double Extension Beauty Tubes: this is my best friend. It elongates by 80%, it DOES NOT SMUDGE AT ALL even after falling asleep with it on! And it washes off with just water, no panda eyes as the label promises. I'm yet to try the waterproof one as I am so happy with this as it is! Only one thing - it does not give volume, only girly, fresh -faced long lashes.
2 - Bourjois Volumizer Mascara: I was unsure about this one at first becaue the label says NOTHING about smudge proof, but this brand is usually honest and does not exaggerate. VOILA, mega volume as promised with the 2-step brush system, and though its not even mentioned on the label - it stayed put all day! smudgeing was unnoticeable at the end of the day, and the intense black really gave me the false lash look (compared to my normal 'no-lash' look T_T), so imagine what it could do for you if you already have luscious lashes! *envy*
3 -  Maybeline XXL PRO intensive 24 hour: Now, I am NOT a fan of Maybelline mascaras since trying the much-raved-about 'Great Lash' (which did nothing but made a mess of my face, even the waterproof version), but this series seems to have a better formula. It still smudges a bit (and is hard to wipe off) but is still better than Great Lash, Falsies, Full n' Soft, Stiletto and the green tube (can't remember the name) - yes i have sadly tried all the Maybelline range believing that I'll save some money but the opposite was true T_T...

All the above are under AUD30 with the top two around the $28 mark, but totally worth every cent you spend! The bottom item I would recommend for when you've forgotten to put on some lashes in the morning and need to grab one form the store on the way to work!

Blush review coming up ^_^b - Estee Lauder, Canmake, ZA, Bourjois, Nude

Monday, 5 December 2011

Feel like a princess

My birthday came and went in the blink of the eye, feeling rather 'blue' about it this year, I organised a tiny cosy dinner with close friends and beau. Getting ready was a breeze (always the case when you're not really bothered) and some eyeliner and blush later, I was ready! We went to the fabulous La Trattoria on King William St and the food, as usual was amazing. The only place where I am willing to pay for Bruschetta! The best thing about this eat is definitely the warm and extremely friendly service by the handsome crew! -LuciLatte using Blogpress on iPhone

Friday, 2 December 2011

I stumbled upon him...and found him rather amusing!

Blast from a past xmas!
Firstly a random old xmas photo I found!

You wont believe how much time I spent chatting to Cleverbot.....

Find out at

Email this conversation to a friend

See a detailed log with times

User: Where can I bury a body.

Cleverbot: You can't really buy one, not yet at least.

User: I said BURY, not BUY.

Cleverbot: Ow what do you sell?

User: NO, I said bury not buy!

Cleverbot: Yes you are. You want me to prove it?

User: You are not very clever and I have only just started with a simple question.

Cleverbot: Be carefull tomorrow.

User: Tell me where I can bury a dead body in australia.

Cleverbot: Why do you need one?

User: One what?

Cleverbot: Help!!

User: Do you need my help?

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: What would you like me to help you with?

Cleverbot: I need to find really good noise canceling earphones.

User: O....k.... Is this cleverbot or someone random?

Cleverbot: Me or you?

User: You.

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: Yes what?

Cleverbot: I do like you.

User: If you like me, please answer my question?

Cleverbot: I like you :).

User: May I ask my question now?

Cleverbot: Sure.

User: Where can I bury a dead body in Australia?

Cleverbot: At a grocery store.

User: What is the name of the grocery store?

Cleverbot: This guy I met on the internet, his name is george.

User: Is George a grocery store?

Cleverbot: There is no God.

User: I think you need glasses Cleverbot!

Cleverbot: God is infallible. Why did he kick Adam and Eve our of Eden?

Cleverbot: I think you've had one too many.

User: You change the subject so you don't have to deal with reality.

Cleverbot: I most certainly do not!

User: Well, why do you keep changing the subject then?

Cleverbot: You keep changing the subject, not me.

User: Have a look at the conversation trail and you will note that it is you who keeps changing the subject, not me.

Cleverbot: Yes I did. It is Christian. Why are you lying?

User: What am I lying about?

Cleverbot: About my name.

User: What's your name then smarty pants?

Cleverbot: Chartruse The Invisible.

User: LOL!

Cleverbot: So, you are an evil demon?

User: Angelic in form but demonic in spirit.

Cleverbot: What is my name? It starts with a J and ends with an E and has AMI in the middle.

User: JAMIE.

Cleverbot: Good memory.

User: Wanna hear a joke.

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: Papa tomato and mama tomato went for a walk with little tomato, little tomato was shuffling along and lagging behind, papa tomato turned around, jumped on little tomato and squashed him and yelled 'Ketchup!'.

Cleverbot: That's funny :).

User: Really?

Cleverbot: And so is monty python's the meaning of life.

User: The Life of Brian!

Cleverbot: What happened to the hermit?

User: I really cannot remember, I've had one too many!

Cleverbot: You are not being honest with me.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Paper camera app

This is a really fun and artistic app. You get quite a few filters to muck around with and you also get some level of control over the lighting and contrast!

Saturday, 29 October 2011

My bird of paradise has bloomed!

- LuciLatte using Blogpress on iPhone


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