Monday, 3 September 2012

Bento Frenzy

Since visiting the new Kawaii shop on Gouger (once too many times), I've been obsessed with creating healthy pretty lunches for Pete & myself...the only problem is that I am now spending more time in the kitchen than in the studio doing my design projects >_< .... I am not going to get the Distinctions I was aiming for anymore T_T !!!

Anyhow, I'm sure this 'procrastination obession' will wear off, unless my complexion improves from all these fresh fruit and veg! Kind on our budget too (when I stop buying bento tools.....!)

Now the brag pics ^_^ ~

...Granny Smith Bunnies and Strawberry Love <3 ...="..." td="td">

...this was Bouba's dinner...he was halfway through the Broc...the large savoy sausages did not work out T_T...

...^_^ very pleased with how the Octopus Sausage turned out!


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