Saturday, 31 July 2010

Product review: CANMAKE Loose Cheek #01

Canmake blushers are a must for that peek-a-boo cheeky and they come in two forms - cream and loose powder.

After much contemplation I decided to try out the loose powder first, purely because I've never really used cream blush before and am not sure about rubbing cream into my already sensitive skin!

Anyhow, I am so into this Japanese brand blusher right now, even if the ingredient list is in a language I can only read a few characters of! The effect is so subtle but effective! The color goes on EXACTLY the same as you see in the cutest ever container, and the most irrisistable part is the adorable puff that comes with a pink little bow, tres girly yet tres tres sexy at the same time!

I tried to demonstrate the color on my wrist but it doesnt seem to show as well. but works perfect on the face.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Skin Care product review - L'OCCITANE Amande et Pomme series

Rajita took me to the Burnside shopping mall yesterday to do some groceries.

Burnside is now the Yuppie of Yuppies place to be; the carparks actually have red or green lights above each parking space for quick identification of an available parking spot; rumour has it that Tiffany & Co opening up a store there, the only Mecca Cosmetica is there, and the place is full of rich housewives and their SUVs (hence the carpark indicators I suppose, you cant really see much pass this car size) with their Baby Bjorn prams and LV day bags scuttering around the shopping 'Village'.

I found out later that RayOfSunshineJita's ulterior motive for bringing me there is to get me a present from L'Occitane!!  

^_^ !!! Do you feel the love???

The product is an Almond and Apple face exfoliant which I tried out this morning (despite being sick as a dog).

The exfoliant is made from crushed almond shells; The base contains apple extract to refine skin's texture, and apple cider vinegar to tighten pores. It also contains almond oil which left my skin soft and supple (like it said it would).

Now here's a product that actually does what it says it would, no more no less: Arent we all sick of spending hundreds only to pay for un-environmental packaging and marketing costs to make up fancy lies?

Looks like Apple Sauce, no?  ^_^ !!!

Love you Raj xox!!!

Au revoir straighteners, Bonjour curling iron!

vMy purple Babyliss straighteners were recently removed from (a 6 year) storage as I need it to curl my fringe out of my eyes. After much practice (and youtube-ing) I still do not like the effect it gives, theres just something about straighteners that I am not 100% content with.

So following the instructions from a Popteen mag scan, I ventured to Kmart (times are hard on the wallet) and got myself an el cheapo AUD39.00 Remington Professional series Curls Curls Curls curling iron. Note that this review link shows a product with 3 curling barrels, the one I got only comes with 2.

The result is a much more softer style, a fringe that I can style at night and wake up and go, and if I wish , make gorgeous spiral or tumbling curls as the product comes with 2 barrels, one 19mm and the other 32mm and brush sleeve attachments, and the lot as noted in the review link.

The straightener is now stored in the Remington box and put in storage, whilst the curling iron now rests (it will need it!) in my bathroon Ikea woven basket!

The results can be compared using the pictures from the previous post as that one was done with the straighteners. Any questions just ask and I will endeavour to answer your queries!


...tumbling curls... Ive used the larger barrel on my fringe, the mag scan uses a smaller one, hence the difference.

Final verdict - I think the curling iron works better for Asian hair as our hair has a very very strong structure, and has a lot more shine due to the flat surfaces of our hair shaft whereas the caucasian hair shaft is rounded.

So shine factor already in-built, all we need is softness and thats what this baby gives us! It feels much much less damaging too as you dont drag your hair through the thong, bust just hold it in place with the clip:

Less Friction = Less Breakage.

Quickie Do - Nude Puckers

After some insight into the asian makeup trends, nude lips and girly emo eyes (or dolly eyes as the Japs call it) are steadily becoming my daily routine. After reading many many Popteen mag scans I learnt that the girls apply a layer of concealer (specifically for lips and eyes) to their little puckers first, before applying a nude gloss or nude lip color, then gloss.

After my eyeshadow blending stint, spending more money on items like concealer (which the makeup artist at Inglot said I dont really need anyway) is really not on my retail therapy agenda; so here's my Quickie Do for nude Gyaru lips:

The Bodyshop never fails to perform perfectly...

...actual color, goes on lighter on my lips (sorry I focussed on my wrinkly hands!)...

...outline first (here you can make some slight alterations to your lip shape if you wish) then fill in...

...apply a layer of shimmery pink/peach/nude gloss (ModelCo used here) and blow a yummy kiss!

Nude Puckers: Check!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

What have I done... *>_<*

I couldnt wait...looking at all the cutest hairstyles on ekimura's blog and scans from Popteen Mag...I BEGGED Pete to cut it cut it cut it! (he signed and shook his head at first; the last fringe I had was a thin one and by the second day I was cursing it for the amount of maintenance it required, not the wake up and go thing I've been accustomed to for the last 10 actually have to do something to it everyday..!)

Finally (after one hour of begging) he relented with a smile...he loves it when I want a radical change to my hair cos he's been cutting the same hairstyle on me for 9 years, in black black hair *^_^* !

I was so anxious and nervous and scared, but here it is...


...*GASP* i hate seeing lots of hair cut off...

..before styling (which I did myself btw...)...

...can I put up with this everyday...every morning?...looks good but OH THE EFFORT!!

LOVE IT! Thanks Hunny xox!

Dolly Hair Quickie Do

Having fallen in lurve with the gyaru dolly look, I havent missed any spare time to have some fun practising the techniques of this very fun yet very extreme and somewhat time consuming look.

The make up - am not confidfent enough to post on as yet; however with the hair, I've managed to find a way to skip all that teasing and tousling and ironing and curling, even the product, to achieve a more Adelaide street friendly hairdo. I will dramatize it eventually bit by bit (Pourquoi non??? my man is a Hair Stylist!!! NB - I did all the below myself *wink*)

OK, this is TOO easy...
1) Apply some leave in treatment mixed with some mousse (i didnt use anything here as i dont need it to stay like this all day), sweep hair up and tie a bun on your crown. Sweep to get the tousled effect at the root level, combing it would make it too neat and school teacher like. Style yuor sideswept fringe or fringe now.

...leave the bun for about half an hour or so and LET LOOSE - VOILA!
Lots of Body...

...Tousled & soft...

Not using an iron gives (the gadget and product technique challenged) me more natural looking ends and midlengths as it works with your own shape and contours, however the downside is that it will drop sooner esp if you have strong Asian hair...

There you go, Quickie Do technique #1 on Sayasuka to be shared with you xox!

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Can't wait for next haircut!!!

Check out these awesome dos on Erica's blog:

...hmm..will I be used to a fringe by the next haircut??!!!

I spy...

Lunching at the markets on Saturdays you get to spot some really funky outfits; I spotted one I simply had to share with everyone as he pulled it off with so much character!

Love the denim waistcoat and the awesome dreadlocks! And he was enjoying a Malaysian Laksa from Laksa house :P

Further on yesterday evening on Rundle Street, I spotted this on the back of a man's jacket...I did get scared coz my thick black eyeliner might look a bit Emo to him so I kept my distance and used my zoom...


Thursday, 8 July 2010

No more MAC

I finally went and got myself a face product from MAC after being sucked in by all their colorful marketing tactics and all the tinted moisturiser did was make my skin look worse than it was when I first put it on then after lunch when I went to the ladies and looked at the mirror AAARRGH!! wtf?! there were red blotches on my cheeks!

This is the second time its happened since I've purchased this SPF 15 tinted moisturiser and I will NEVER EVER buy anything from MAC ever again.

I REFUSE to contribute 70% of the purchase price to their marketing campaigns and their models' plastic surgeries.

Yep, its in the rubbish bin along with all the other rubbish. Bye Bye MAC, hello INGLOT!!!

Monday, 5 July 2010

Digging for something comfy and funky to wear...

I found my Sussan nautical tie dyed scarf ($9.95); Forever New Cardigan ($69.95) and Supre denim trouser shorts ($10.00). Teamed with some turquoise earrings from the Markets and a pair of I love Billy wedge heel boots - Voila! a funky new outfit!!!

...these black velvet boots are great with a velour black hoodie too!


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