Friday, 16 July 2010

Quickie Do - Nude Puckers

After some insight into the asian makeup trends, nude lips and girly emo eyes (or dolly eyes as the Japs call it) are steadily becoming my daily routine. After reading many many Popteen mag scans I learnt that the girls apply a layer of concealer (specifically for lips and eyes) to their little puckers first, before applying a nude gloss or nude lip color, then gloss.

After my eyeshadow blending stint, spending more money on items like concealer (which the makeup artist at Inglot said I dont really need anyway) is really not on my retail therapy agenda; so here's my Quickie Do for nude Gyaru lips:

The Bodyshop never fails to perform perfectly...

...actual color, goes on lighter on my lips (sorry I focussed on my wrinkly hands!)...

...outline first (here you can make some slight alterations to your lip shape if you wish) then fill in...

...apply a layer of shimmery pink/peach/nude gloss (ModelCo used here) and blow a yummy kiss!

Nude Puckers: Check!

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