Friday, 16 July 2010

Au revoir straighteners, Bonjour curling iron!

vMy purple Babyliss straighteners were recently removed from (a 6 year) storage as I need it to curl my fringe out of my eyes. After much practice (and youtube-ing) I still do not like the effect it gives, theres just something about straighteners that I am not 100% content with.

So following the instructions from a Popteen mag scan, I ventured to Kmart (times are hard on the wallet) and got myself an el cheapo AUD39.00 Remington Professional series Curls Curls Curls curling iron. Note that this review link shows a product with 3 curling barrels, the one I got only comes with 2.

The result is a much more softer style, a fringe that I can style at night and wake up and go, and if I wish , make gorgeous spiral or tumbling curls as the product comes with 2 barrels, one 19mm and the other 32mm and brush sleeve attachments, and the lot as noted in the review link.

The straightener is now stored in the Remington box and put in storage, whilst the curling iron now rests (it will need it!) in my bathroon Ikea woven basket!

The results can be compared using the pictures from the previous post as that one was done with the straighteners. Any questions just ask and I will endeavour to answer your queries!


...tumbling curls... Ive used the larger barrel on my fringe, the mag scan uses a smaller one, hence the difference.

Final verdict - I think the curling iron works better for Asian hair as our hair has a very very strong structure, and has a lot more shine due to the flat surfaces of our hair shaft whereas the caucasian hair shaft is rounded.

So shine factor already in-built, all we need is softness and thats what this baby gives us! It feels much much less damaging too as you dont drag your hair through the thong, bust just hold it in place with the clip:

Less Friction = Less Breakage.

1 comment:

Catty Pants said...

OMG!!! LUCINNA!!! Your hair is sooo light! It wasn't that light when you came to Melbourne but it looks great :):):)

Love the fringe!


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