Friday, 16 July 2010

Skin Care product review - L'OCCITANE Amande et Pomme series

Rajita took me to the Burnside shopping mall yesterday to do some groceries.

Burnside is now the Yuppie of Yuppies place to be; the carparks actually have red or green lights above each parking space for quick identification of an available parking spot; rumour has it that Tiffany & Co opening up a store there, the only Mecca Cosmetica is there, and the place is full of rich housewives and their SUVs (hence the carpark indicators I suppose, you cant really see much pass this car size) with their Baby Bjorn prams and LV day bags scuttering around the shopping 'Village'.

I found out later that RayOfSunshineJita's ulterior motive for bringing me there is to get me a present from L'Occitane!!  

^_^ !!! Do you feel the love???

The product is an Almond and Apple face exfoliant which I tried out this morning (despite being sick as a dog).

The exfoliant is made from crushed almond shells; The base contains apple extract to refine skin's texture, and apple cider vinegar to tighten pores. It also contains almond oil which left my skin soft and supple (like it said it would).

Now here's a product that actually does what it says it would, no more no less: Arent we all sick of spending hundreds only to pay for un-environmental packaging and marketing costs to make up fancy lies?

Looks like Apple Sauce, no?  ^_^ !!!

Love you Raj xox!!!

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