Saturday, 31 July 2010

Product review: CANMAKE Loose Cheek #01

Canmake blushers are a must for that peek-a-boo cheeky and they come in two forms - cream and loose powder.

After much contemplation I decided to try out the loose powder first, purely because I've never really used cream blush before and am not sure about rubbing cream into my already sensitive skin!

Anyhow, I am so into this Japanese brand blusher right now, even if the ingredient list is in a language I can only read a few characters of! The effect is so subtle but effective! The color goes on EXACTLY the same as you see in the cutest ever container, and the most irrisistable part is the adorable puff that comes with a pink little bow, tres girly yet tres tres sexy at the same time!

I tried to demonstrate the color on my wrist but it doesnt seem to show as well. but works perfect on the face.

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