Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Product Review - Dolly Wink eyeliner in Black & maxi BONBON Lip Concealer in nude pink

Now, all of you who know of Tsubasa Masuwaka whose famous for her Popteen modelling days and also being the most famous Hime Gyaru would also know that she launched her makeup line under the wing of Koji cosmetics. Being a sucker for cute packaging and also trusting the Japanese to come up with makeup that works I could not resist grabbing her DollyWink black eyeliner to try out. Not only was the price reasonable (AUD$22.00) but the result was amazing compared to other similarly priced drugstore brands and even bigger brands that cost $30+ a pop!

The packaging is sublime. The liner goes on BLACK as charcoal, thick in pigment and precise. The pencil is ALWAYS soft despite it being freezing cold here. The product does NOT smudge all over my lids and the best bit - it comes off with a single swipe of a cotton pad with eyemakeup remover.

What else would you want from a eyeliner, I ask of you???

Apparently lip liner is not heard of in Japan; rather, they use lip concealers to really REALLY get the nude lip look.

Curious as ever, I got myself the maxi BONBON lip concealer from Kawaii on Gouger St. to see what this lip concealer thing is all about.

Here are some pics on both products:

Love the little pout on the cover. Nail lacquer from Sportsgirl $7.95...

...nude azz...

...great packaging for a greater product...

...single line (bottom) and layered line...

...eyeliner only and clean lips before maxi BONBON...

...complete with maxi BONBON and a touch of ModelCo semi clear gloss to finish!
(All pics taken in natural lighting)

Ok,the lips look great, but after a Cibocino it yells out to be reapplied. The only other option I've got so far is to go back to using the Bodyshop lipliner in Salmon and ModelCo semi clear gloss on top, whereby only the gloss needs to be reapplied. I dont want to resort to stay-on lippie as yet but am definitely scouting for alternatives once these items have been used up!


h said...

Thanks for showing Maxi BonBon Lip Concealer (you're the only one so far that I found who's reviewed this product). I think it looks cute on you and makes your lips luscious looking. I am thinking of getting this product listed as pink beige. I like that it can be worn alone whereas Canmake Lip Concealer 01 (white pink)can't. But I do have a question - is it creamy and moisturizing? It's supposed to have olive oil and chamomile extract. Thank you.

LuCinnamon Latte said...

Hello! Thank you for leaving a comment dear :") Maxi BonBon is very very creamy and yes it is moisturising - which means that its 'liplife' is challenged. However after experimenting it can be extended if used with another product. 1) used as sheer nude color over a healthy colored nude lipliner. 2) used as a moisturising lip concealer-apply and blot with tissue 3-5 times then apply lipgloss. Both ways work well, make sure your lips are moisturised everynight with some pure jojoba oil (its amazing when its 100% pure) so thre arent any flakes. Let me know if the above works for you or if you find any cool tips with the product to share!! A thousand thank yous and happy exploring to you!!!


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