Wednesday, 29 September 2010

TriNatural 100% pure Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil (Ho-Ho-Baa)

Havent we all heard about the wonders of this ancient beauty product and bought many a cream 'containing jojoba oil' but not noted any difference in results?

There is an organic general store just around the corner from my unit in Norwood and it has a whole isle dedicated to personal care and beauty products. I found a little bottle of 100% jojoba oil and read that it penetrates the skin surface to improve skin suppleness and fight wrinkles for $10.95 a pop....really? Well lets find out shall we?

After cleansing my face that evening I followed in Cleopatra's footsteps and applied a small amount of the oil to my face, as per using BioOil my skin's all oily looking but my gosh only for 2 seconds! it disappears straight into my skin and for the first time in my life I learn what suppleness looks like on me (it plumps up a bit and has a soft sheen)! So I proceed to use it on my decolletage, shoulders, hands before making a mental note that a whole bottle will be gone in 2 days if I continue like this ^___^

Follow up with your regular night moisturiser.

2 weeks later and I Love it, my skin is still soft eventhough I'm undergoing Chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer!

Loreal Mattifying Minerals & Natio Mineral Loose foundation

I am an enormous fan of mineral makeup. Why not? Its clean, it has a bit of UV protection, it calms the skin, it reduces imperfections after regular use, it doesnt clog pores, it looks natural if the right shade is found and so on.

I thought I'd try out a more economic brand that I know is environmentally friendlier than most bigger brands and chose Natio in Sunset. You dont need much, the key is to gently blend blend blend until your pores diminish from their regular size. Then the translucent mattifying effect and further poer reduction (my pores are like the moon's) is achieved using the Loreal product.

Comparing the two I might actually try out the Loreal mineral foundation loose powder next, as the loreal mattifying powder was alot finer than the Natio one, which means it gave a softer coverage. The Natio product gave a very natural and light coverage, which could be built up to quite heavy if I applied another layer.

One big hint when studying the ingredient list, avoid products containing Talc.

Skin prepped with Nivea Moisturising Sunscreen SPF30+...and a burn mark from my iron curlers  :"(

Mineral makeup and mattifiant applied.
I'm happy with the result. A few more layers concentrated on my burn mark covers it more but I could try out the Loreal mineral concealer soon. My skin feels comfortable all day and the doesnt smudge off.

I spy...

Just a cute pic of my MAC sharpener and trimmings of Dollywink Eyeliner in black...

Un petite rose...!!!


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