Wednesday, 27 July 2011

French Affair

I love my scarves; there's nothing more feminine than a printed wispy scarf gently wrapped around the delicate neck of a female. This number is a sheer woven black cotton beauty, with an earth tone peacock feather print. And they double up as a lampshade for to add some texture to the scene ^_^ ~ sportsgirl scarf, benefit rosie lip tint ~ LuciLatte using Blogpress on iPhone

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Wednesday morning on Gouger

Gouger street is waking up!

a hot steamy latte on a sunny, crisp, cold morning

lol I look like a homeless drugaddict beggar with these pastel eyes *_*
Flowers? for moi? no thanks, I have no space at home..fml

fruit that wont rot in 4 days like they do from Woolies or Coles!

one of my favourite aisan coffee brands

I'm infatuated with these OTK suede boots!

Wednesday is my mid week day off and the adelaide central markets is where I head to at 9am, not only to get the freshest produce but also to take advantage of the 2 hour free parking ^_^ I also love layering up this winter with black boots as my style highlight, ankle, knee high, OTK, heel, flat, lace up, zip up, in either suede, buckskin or leather...which reminds me of what the Joanne Mercer sales rep and me talked about...

Rep: Did you want to take both the Suede and the Buckskin boots?
Luci: whats the difference between suede and buckskin?
Rep: Buckskin is like suede but without the fur.
L: So if i don't look after my suede, in time it will become buckskin, no?
R: *lol* yes that's right! But no one's pointed that out before!

I'm still such a cheapskate.

Cotton On wrap, Witchery denim tunic, Joanne Mercer OTK suede boots, Razzamatazz fleece lined tights (its official that I live in these this winter - the only time I have them off is when I shower!).

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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Lazy Wednesday

I love my wednesdays off, like on the weekends, I get to give some attention to loved items forgotten at the back of the wardrobe and bottom of the drawers. Today was below 5'C when I woke up, so I dug up my 100% merino wool turtleneck in Ink, and to make sure I don't overheat (which I hate), mixed it with fleece tights, a stretchy skirt and a medium weight khaki jacket.

I had a nice day in that ^_^

Sorry about the blur pics, I've been using my crappy iPhone cam cos it uploads faster....yeah I know, lame excuse.

Cotton On men's jacket; Country road woollen skivvy; Sportsgirl bandeau skirt and bracelet; Mother's bead necklace; Nepalese earrings - LuciLatte using Blogpress on iPhone

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Look what I found!

Seriously beautiful style from Antik Batik....I love clothes that scream, I have figure out a way to convince my office manager....

I can only wish...

 Christian Laboutin snakeskin booties and Miu Miu pumps from


Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Wednesday work fashion

Dotti crochet top
Dotti black skinny
Sportsgirl stretch skirt
Tony Bianco suede wedges
Necklace made by me ^_^

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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Miss Gladys wrap

Its never too cold for a trendy knitted wrap, complete with a woven tan leather belt to keep the draught out!

Wrap from Miss Gladys
Sportsgirl scarf
Supre scoop back tunic/dress
Tony Bianco suede lace up wedges

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Monday, 4 July 2011

Weekend Fashion

Another sunny winter's day, I'm starting to love all these basic pieces fr layering but using little accessories to give the look a bit of personality....must be getting old O_o ~~~ Navy hooded blazer from Cotton On men's vintage section Pink and black stripey Portmans t shirt Supre denim cutoffs Fleece lined black tights BigW Joanne Mercer suede knee high boots ~~~ xox LuciLatte using Blogpress on iPhone

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Hotaru Restaurant, Adelaide

Saturday evening and we have not made any plans...

My FB status says twice ~ I have no life ~ its Saturday evening and I am on Facebook.
I'm drinking my organic red wine (2nd glass) and getting depressed when all of a sudden..
Hunger struck!

I grabbed Pete and off to Hotaru we went!

I wanted nothing but the Sushi boat and Teppanyaki mixed vegetables and Mango Sake, and was so content that when we got home at 11pm, I washed my face and went straight to -_-zzz!!!

like my accessories? details at end of post ^_^

Pete BROKE the little sushi boat *_*

looks like I'm eating a giant SLUG!!! O_o
the guy on the next table offered to take a pic seeing us taking so many pics (no shame ^_^)

The sushi was ORGASMIC....freshness was unbeatable! I esp loved the giant clam sushi and king fish sushi...

The mood was really relaxed and ambient, with simplicity and lots of head space as the main feature. They also have a cute and cosy function area where shoes arent allowed Japanese style, I had my birthday dinner in one of them last year and till today the girls have great memories of it (and all the gold sake too)!

Definitely a dining venue I hope to see stay successful and for many years to come <3

Earrings and Brass wrist cuff from Just Jeans, during the 'any two items of jewellery for $20' offer (total retail price was $50)
Turquoise ring from Sportsgirl
Shaggy knitted wrap with tassles from Miss Gladys Sim Choon Rundle Street

Weekend wear

Seriously, pics from my iPhone upload SO MUCH FASTER...what have I been doing all these years!!? Bimbo OoPs as usual...if anyone has any tips on faster uploads please share your knowledge with little me?

Just a normal winter saturday - wet but not too cold and yay not windy at ALL ^_^

Lately the weather has been warm for winter, so I'm enjoying my Autumn clothes all over again!

Tartan shirt from Esprit
Butterfly scarf from Sportsgirl (now on sale)
Beige tote from Strandbags
Leather heeled lace up combat boots from Laura Mercier
Grey fitted dress/tunic from Witchery (I live in these one piece wonders all through the cold weather <3)


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