Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Wednesday morning on Gouger

Gouger street is waking up!

a hot steamy latte on a sunny, crisp, cold morning

lol I look like a homeless drugaddict beggar with these pastel eyes *_*
Flowers? for moi? no thanks, I have no space at home..fml

fruit that wont rot in 4 days like they do from Woolies or Coles!

one of my favourite aisan coffee brands

I'm infatuated with these OTK suede boots!

Wednesday is my mid week day off and the adelaide central markets is where I head to at 9am, not only to get the freshest produce but also to take advantage of the 2 hour free parking ^_^ I also love layering up this winter with black boots as my style highlight, ankle, knee high, OTK, heel, flat, lace up, zip up, in either suede, buckskin or leather...which reminds me of what the Joanne Mercer sales rep and me talked about...

Rep: Did you want to take both the Suede and the Buckskin boots?
Luci: whats the difference between suede and buckskin?
Rep: Buckskin is like suede but without the fur.
L: So if i don't look after my suede, in time it will become buckskin, no?
R: *lol* yes that's right! But no one's pointed that out before!

I'm still such a cheapskate.

Cotton On wrap, Witchery denim tunic, Joanne Mercer OTK suede boots, Razzamatazz fleece lined tights (its official that I live in these this winter - the only time I have them off is when I shower!).

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Catty Pants said...

I love those pics!! What are you using btw?

Luci Latte said...

Catty! Its the Iphone Paper camera app!


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