Sunday, 11 July 2010

What have I done... *>_<*

I couldnt wait...looking at all the cutest hairstyles on ekimura's blog and scans from Popteen Mag...I BEGGED Pete to cut it cut it cut it! (he signed and shook his head at first; the last fringe I had was a thin one and by the second day I was cursing it for the amount of maintenance it required, not the wake up and go thing I've been accustomed to for the last 10 actually have to do something to it everyday..!)

Finally (after one hour of begging) he relented with a smile...he loves it when I want a radical change to my hair cos he's been cutting the same hairstyle on me for 9 years, in black black hair *^_^* !

I was so anxious and nervous and scared, but here it is...


...*GASP* i hate seeing lots of hair cut off...

..before styling (which I did myself btw...)...

...can I put up with this everyday...every morning?...looks good but OH THE EFFORT!!

LOVE IT! Thanks Hunny xox!

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