Sunday, 11 July 2010

Dolly Hair Quickie Do

Having fallen in lurve with the gyaru dolly look, I havent missed any spare time to have some fun practising the techniques of this very fun yet very extreme and somewhat time consuming look.

The make up - am not confidfent enough to post on as yet; however with the hair, I've managed to find a way to skip all that teasing and tousling and ironing and curling, even the product, to achieve a more Adelaide street friendly hairdo. I will dramatize it eventually bit by bit (Pourquoi non??? my man is a Hair Stylist!!! NB - I did all the below myself *wink*)

OK, this is TOO easy...
1) Apply some leave in treatment mixed with some mousse (i didnt use anything here as i dont need it to stay like this all day), sweep hair up and tie a bun on your crown. Sweep to get the tousled effect at the root level, combing it would make it too neat and school teacher like. Style yuor sideswept fringe or fringe now.

...leave the bun for about half an hour or so and LET LOOSE - VOILA!
Lots of Body...

...Tousled & soft...

Not using an iron gives (the gadget and product technique challenged) me more natural looking ends and midlengths as it works with your own shape and contours, however the downside is that it will drop sooner esp if you have strong Asian hair...

There you go, Quickie Do technique #1 on Sayasuka to be shared with you xox!

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