Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Mascara many does one have to try??!

Being one of the less blessed, I have sparse lashes.

On top of that, I find that most mascaras, no matter what brand, tend to smudge on my lower lid, even when the label promises wonderful 16-hour days of smudge proof eye batting sessions.
So, after years (and I mean, years) and many ducats later, I have identified 3 of the most trustworthy mascaras a girl can count on:


1 - L'oreal Double Extension Beauty Tubes: this is my best friend. It elongates by 80%, it DOES NOT SMUDGE AT ALL even after falling asleep with it on! And it washes off with just water, no panda eyes as the label promises. I'm yet to try the waterproof one as I am so happy with this as it is! Only one thing - it does not give volume, only girly, fresh -faced long lashes.
2 - Bourjois Volumizer Mascara: I was unsure about this one at first becaue the label says NOTHING about smudge proof, but this brand is usually honest and does not exaggerate. VOILA, mega volume as promised with the 2-step brush system, and though its not even mentioned on the label - it stayed put all day! smudgeing was unnoticeable at the end of the day, and the intense black really gave me the false lash look (compared to my normal 'no-lash' look T_T), so imagine what it could do for you if you already have luscious lashes! *envy*
3 -  Maybeline XXL PRO intensive 24 hour: Now, I am NOT a fan of Maybelline mascaras since trying the much-raved-about 'Great Lash' (which did nothing but made a mess of my face, even the waterproof version), but this series seems to have a better formula. It still smudges a bit (and is hard to wipe off) but is still better than Great Lash, Falsies, Full n' Soft, Stiletto and the green tube (can't remember the name) - yes i have sadly tried all the Maybelline range believing that I'll save some money but the opposite was true T_T...

All the above are under AUD30 with the top two around the $28 mark, but totally worth every cent you spend! The bottom item I would recommend for when you've forgotten to put on some lashes in the morning and need to grab one form the store on the way to work!

Blush review coming up ^_^b - Estee Lauder, Canmake, ZA, Bourjois, Nude

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