Friday, 21 September 2012

My dream hair

Que Sera have straight hair you want curly hair; you have curly hair you want straight hair. WELL I have straight hair which I lost due to sickness a while ago and now its all grown back! I must also point out, Pete cut my hair when it was only 1.5 inches long, that was almost a year ago, and I have not cut it since, but the cut was so perfectly done that the style grew out beautifully! How's that for a great hairdresser?!! He's been doing all the colourwork too, and I swear, no split ends as yet!

And so with a skip and a hop I got my self down to O'Kim's on Grote street and got myself a long awaited for Digital Perm.

The whole process took about 3 hours plus because I am blessed with lots of thick hair. I was priviledged to have Yona serve me and she was a superstar! Cute as ever and amazing at what she does!!

The digital machine was a tad scary, it looked like an alien, but I did not feel any heat or pain, just my hair being suspended mid air O_O

When the rollers came out my hair was like little Bo-Peep, and I got a bit worried and said...warr, so curly! Yona laughed and convinced me that this is not the end yet, I wouldnt let you walk out like this! So another shampoo and condition later, it settled down into loose twirling ringlets!

After the blowdry, I could either style it natural and wavy (very Boho! ^_^) or twirl into 4 separate sections for a more girly gyaru style (and less boofie - I have heaps of hair...)

I walked out of the salon with the BIGGEST smile ever...I've dreamt of hair exactly like this all my life, and now, everyday I wake up, this is it! No brushing required no combing just a smile on my face ^_^b

Thank you O'Kim!

PS: Hair style, cut and colour work by Peter Tzar (my man!)

suck my brains out... 2...

...week 2... tea now, Sauv Blanc later...

..and a back view, just for you...

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