Friday, 9 September 2011


What started out as my little Gyaru blog has now evolved into more of a 'this is what I like right now and it tickles my fancy' blog, gyaru or not, Japanese kawaii trends or not, food or fashion, places or people or just rantings and opinions!

However, my friends have asked me where are all these Flamenco pictures if you have been dancing for 7 years? The main reason I don't really post about my deepest passion is because, well, I don't feel good enough for it right now, I never have actually. 

I have always loved it with intense passion but always, I feel unworthy of it especially after what happened to my health last year. I don't practice enough. I haven't been to Espana to get some duende into my soul. I haven't picked up the language. I don't know all the palos well enough. *SIGH* but thats why I love it! Its just...... inexhaustible! 

The only place I dare talk about my love is on my old personal invite only blog. But I think it will all change now. 

All this will change when I return from Malaysia in 2 weeks time. I will sign up for a Spanish language course at the WEA in the evenings. And continue to attend my dance classes twice a week; I will expand the dance floor in my home so I can actually practice more often.

Actually, I found out that there are more Flamenco Academy's in Japan than there are in Spain! Here's a taste if you've never seen it before!

The older you get the better a Flamenco dancer you become.

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