Sunday, 12 June 2011

Botika in Adelaide

One of my favourite boutiques in Adelaide is Botika, at 234 Rundle Street. If you own anything from this gorgeous little shop, you're more than likely the one and only unique girl as their designs are one-off pieces, up to date, and the price is as good as the quality. Now, that's what a gal wants!

They don't have a website but if you search under Botika Clothes Adelaide you will find lots of fab reviews ^_^

Here are some pics of my favourite casual piece from botika ~

...See my pretty red BROMELIADE in the background? Its not too happy with the heater but I hope it lasts to summer!...

I'm a HOODIE girl. Even my bathrobe has a HOODIE.

...forgot to tidy up the table before taking pics so forgetful lately *_*

lace or zip up leather combat boots from Joanne Mercer to TOUGHEN UP all the pink petals...

...i LOOOOVE a tasteful and good quality floral print, they are SO hard to come by...

...aaaand I couldn't help posting this pic of my GEO extra Forest lenses again ^__^

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