Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Review: GEO Princess Mimi Bambi circle lens

Firstly, I need to explain why my reviews on skin care products and the (my) basic makeup products like foundations/eyeliners are not SMACK BANG when the product is recently released or straight after I buy it:

I HATE reading GREAT REVIEWS only to find out HOW SHIT the PRODUCT is after LONG TERM USE. HATE HATE HATE!!!

Plain and simple, don't like wasting my money and time (I'm paid money for my time at work..so money is time too..) on some juvenile making a spanktastic review on a product he/she has only used 'ONCE' and its great/shit, or "this is the first time I'm using it and its great/shit', or 'I've used this for one week now (face cream/wash)', or 'I've used this a few/couple of times'....give me a break. Some products need a little more time to show their 'true value'!

And also being a blind cat who NEEDS to wear contact lenses ALL THE TIME, I want to know if a certain type of lens is comfortable or not if I decide to wear it everyday.

SO...back to the studio ~

The GEO Princess MIMI Bambi in Apple Green arrived 2 weeks ago and I've worn it at home all day once, went out to lunch and shopping and lots of walking around after just to show them off/test them out.

I really like the effect/design - I think they are very VERY striking esp in good lighting, with fantastic blending of color to give you mesmerising eyes, but sadly, despite all the hype about them and how much I adore Tsubasa I have to confess they are way below some of the other ones I've used in terms of

~and one small point also, they would be great in a slightly larger size for me, as my irises are not that small to start with.

I wouldnt wear this out to dinner at night or to a lounge bar/nightclub/karaoke (the visibility is actually VERY bad in dim lighting due to the smaller pupil size and heavy pigmentation) but it is great for outdoors and daytime.

They didnt feel very comfortable maybe because of the visibility, I blinked like a dying fluorescent tube non-stop towards the end of the day and in romantic lighting lmao *_*

But at the end of the day, they do what they're meant to - GRAB ATTENTION and they did!

So its up to your priorities and what you're willing to sacrifice with this one ~_^ !


Stunning design, even up close its nice! OMG just noticed my gross eyebrow... x_O

...NO FLASH, window lighting...

...NO FLASH, natural window lighting...

 The color really shows with flash and brighter light but even without that the lens looks great due to its beautiful design and pigmentation.

Lenses from Eyecandy Lens because they had it on sale!

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