Friday, 17 June 2011

Handbag Cam

Finally getting a handbag digital compact to lug around and take cool pics rather than jsut indoors only.

As much as I love my Olympus PEN EPL1 and its more compact than DSLR body, I still can't just 'slip' it into my handbag or tote or evening purse or pocket and hence miss out on alot of cool moments out there (I'm rarely indoors if not working, even some posts are done at cafe's/parkbench/car porch - looking like a lost homeless tourist girl with a white ASUS Shell trying to get last minute cheapskate accomodation on the web 0_o when in truth I'm just trying to get faster wireless modem speed fml)

At lunch break I'm gonna head to Harvey Normans mid year sale and grab myself the Samsung ST600 at a bargain $169.
Too bad they only have it in black and not pink &_&  ... ...

Then again my first compact cam was pink and I hated it O_x

Watch out for me out and about!!!

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