Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Barenecessities - face

There are many things a girl cannot live without...actually too many to name in one posting! Lets just do everyday face in this post, no?

I'm not into the nudie look - it somehow makes me look ill unless I wear foundation and powder with it (and I HATE wearing foundation...will hold off as long as my age allows me to!); But I do love the au naturel/fresh look -
  • bitten lips
  • blushed cheeks
  • fresh eyes
  • groomed brows and
  • simple released-from-bun hair for my everyday identity.

Barenecessities face...

-Blistex Strawberry lip balm to give my man that yummy sweet strawberry taste after a smooch *wink*

-Natio (I strongly support their concept) 'Love Me' tinted lip balm for that full lipped, matt glossy and slightly bitten look.

-Loreal Beauty Tubes - If it weren't for LBT, I would never have bothered to wear mascara daily, ever. All other products, no matter how much I have been willing to risk paying, have managed to smudge, and worst of all are yucky to remove.

-Revlon ColorStay brow enhancer in Blackened brown - comes complete with a highlighter you can dab on you inner eye corners and lower lid to give you that I-just-woke-up-from-10hrs-sleep look!

-Maybelline Line Stylist in Black Sparkle - now this, I have gone through a whopping 3 of (I have never finished any makeup product other than two ColorStay black eyeliners). I replaced the first one with a slate waterproof liner from MAC and (gasp!) MAC loss PANTS DOWN to this little sexy baby! Line Stylist does not smudge, is not waterproof (washes off very easily), does not need sharpening, and has a nice sparkle through it that actually brings out the sparkle in my eyes (as if?)! ***And most importantly, DOES NOT STAIN THE EYE AREA (darling, you'd be surprised where your dark eye circles come from esp. if you wear eye makeup often)***    hint-warm up pencil before use

-Natio blusher in Rouge Glow - this is similar to my carry around Bourjois Rose de Jaspe blusher, but with more of a reddish-pink tone (great for Asian coloring) than apricot-rose tone.

-Nivea Q10 anti-wrinkle day cream SPF15 - not pictured -(this wins hands down over a Jurlique and Olay moisturiser I've tried; but is on par with the Dior Hydraction cream). I tend to have drier skin in winter and much prefer the slightly glowy look than the matt sandpaper look that's kinda in fashion now (we're talking about style here, not tendance my dears, remember?!! refer to my first posting )

So now, I can at least pull my stuck stiletto heel out of the pavement without worrying about looking drab at the 5pm public transport run!

typical before......and........

...after pics!

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