Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Coiffeur, je táime!

My colleague was badly in need of a rescue after The Parlour messed up the haircolor she wanted. Being young and beautiful and daring, she braved up and requested a white blonde color with heavy bangs - the bangs turned out great, but the color (done by a 'colorist') turned out a solid one color of an orangey...like an amber blonde. Hating to go back and actually pay them to fix their mistake, I suggested that my own Coiffeur can give her hair what she wants.

She decided that her fling with boldness had taken a turn and requested a natural look. Her natural color with blond highlights.

So we went shopping for the colors which looked nothing like what she wanted (apparently there is a science to haircolor, like, where does the dark color go when you lighten it? It doesnt wash out in the sink...so what happens to it?!!), and saturday lunch time my man workSshis magic...

you can see the orangey tone that was distressing my friend here...

...uber hot!...

...this is THE product for luscious hair apparently...

...good 'ol trustworthy gadget that was lost in my car boot for 4 months!

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