Friday, 4 June 2010

Pour l'Amour de les Cheveux

Never have a bad-hair-day again EVER - befriend a professional hair stylist!

There is a whole jungle of creative and professional hair styists out there waiting for your friendship, so what are you waiting for? Exchange business cards! Barter your goods or services! A financial health check for a trim and blowdry; a few colors for a few personal training sessions; a restyle for a facial and manicure or a flower arrangement; the possibilities are endless.

So get out there and hunt down your own personal stylist.

I'm in love with mine!

defined updo...

first stage of lightening...

funky twists in 2008

lightening project complete...and a side swept fringe!

pendant picture inset courtesy of Surly-Ramics

pics taken with limited resources - phonecam!

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